Long Weekend On The Slovenian Seaside - Portorož&Piran

Long Weekend On The Slovenian Seaside - Portorož&Piran

Finally my latest travel guide is ready. I know I have to improve my blog writing skills, especially time wise, as we nearly off to our next adventure… Here is my Portorož&Piran travel guide.

We like to spend a few quiet days on the seaside during spring, when flowers are blooming and warm sea breeze is blowing. It is the right time to relax by the pool, take long walks on the beach and celebrate the arrival of spring. This time we decided to spend three nights in Portorož, Slovenia and we had the most incredible time while we were there.



Portorož has been known as the place of healing since the 13th century when the monks from the St. Laurence Monastery first used the sea water and brine for healing purposes. Ever since Portorož was home to many healing and wellness complexes, which to this day, use the healing properties of salt and the sea.

Our absolute favorite hotel in Portorož is the Kempinski Palace. The hotel was opened in 1910 at the time of Austro-Hungarian Empire, when Portorož was categorized as one of the most important coast resorts and spas on the Austrian Riviera. In the 2000s, Kempinski Hotels signed a contract to run and manage this hotel for at least 20 years. The renovation cost about 70 million euros and the hotel was reopened in 2008.
Our tip is to stay here in April when acacias are blooming, so you can enjoy your luxurious breakfast, served on fine porcelain with silver cutlery, in the sades of fragrant acacias.



To Do

Portorož – this little town is famous of it’s beach, have a coffee in on of the beach bars, while you soak in the spring sun and watch the locals passing by. Or you can stay in the hotel and enjoy their superb, five star services. Book yourself a massage or a well needed facial, spend some time by the pool and take advantage of the pool bar!


Piran: from Portorož you can walk up to Piran, which is a beautiful, easy walk on the seaside. Piran was heavily influenced by the Venetian Republic, therefore the monuments differ greatly from those inner parts of Slovenia. Until the mid-20th century, Italian was the dominant language, but was replaced by Slovene as demographics shifted.


What to eat

Slovenian cuisine is influenced by the diversity of Slovenia’s landscape, climate, history and neighboring cultures. Istrian cuisine in five words, (at least for me): Fleur de sel, truffles, seafood, olive oil and Malvazija (Istrian white wine).

Fritolin pri Cantini – best seafood restaurant, vegetarian&gluten free options
Restaurant Fleur de Sel – fusion cuisine, a combination of traditional&modern food
Restaurant Sophia – features exquisite luxury and refined Mediterranean cuisine


What to wear

European spring is kind of unpredictable, some days are raining cats and dogs, some days are hot like a southern California day. You better pack your wellies and an umbrella along with your favorite bikini. Comfortable shoes are a must, but don’t forget to pack a pair of heels and a pretty dress if you’re staying in a five star environment. You do not need to worry about your clothes getting wrinkled, as five start hotels are offering ironing and 24 hour cleaning services.


I am glad you discovered the beautiful seaside with me, visit my Instagram account to watch my video about this trip!


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